Konrad Noronha SJ, PhD, MS, MTH, BHMS

Spiritual director, psychotherapist, counselor educator and supervisor

Global Wholeness

A healthy global wholeness starts with healthy individual wellness. The more aware we are of ourselves and want to work at bettering ourselves; the more will it be reflected in bettering the world.


         Spiritual direction is the spiritual director and directee gathering together in the name of Jesus, to help  develop a closer relationship with God and to better discern how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.

"We living beings, right down to crickets, ants, mosquitoes , and flies, all possess life that is without beginning or end."    

         - The Buddha.

How I characterize myself

I characterize myself as someone who seeks a sense of wholeness, of fullness, of all parts working together. The wholeness that I experience is an integration of the various facets of my life - my personality, behaviors, cognitions; mental, emotional, and spiritual ways of dealing with the various experiences that I face in daily life. This is how I determine my connectivity with God and also my work.

God’s connectivity to me and my attempted expression in work is conveyed as in Luke 11: 36, “Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.” Hopefully this is how I am perceived by my clients.

        Konrad uses a variety of techniques in his therapy and retreats.He is a retreat director and as a Jesuit priest conducts psycholospiritual retreats. 

      He draws from many psychotherapies and spiritualities in working with clients and spiritual directees.

      He has worked with  clients and directees in different settings in India and America. 






A counselor educator emphasizes the need for quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings.

 What is pastoral counseling?

  • Faith
  • Psychology
  • Theology


     Pastoral counseling is faith-based and offers an understanding of life beyond just the psyche. Pastoral counselors address all dimensions of a person’s personality, the mind, the body and the spirit. I believe that all dimensions have to be awakened and addressed for effective treatment and progress. It is about looking holistically at individuals, not just specific aspects of a person’s personality. The pastoral counselor is integrative. Such a practitioner utilizes spiritual, religious and theological viewpoints in clinical practice, and a faith is important and necessary in treatment.

        Narashimha Upanishad  7:3

         "Everything is God"


 The Contemplation to Attain Love of

St. Ignatius of Loyola

  The first step in this exercise is to gratefully recall the gifts of your life: your birth, baptism, family, children, redemption, grace, qualities, and talents and offer it all, including yourself, back to God.

The second step is to ponder that the Divine is in every creature by its essence, power, and presence, and especially in you. See yourself as God’s own image and divine likeness.

In the third step of the exercises, St. Ignatius has you think through all these gifts again and see God laboring in them. God is trying to help us see ourselves the way he sees us already.

The fourth step of the exercise is that the gift becomes divine.

It is so difficult to listen to the voice of Jesus, the voice of God, if you believe that the whole world revolves around you: there is no horizon, because you become your own horizon

                                                       - Pope Francis

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